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distilled from: Hudson Valley Barley

Made in the heart of New York’s Hudson Valley in
small-batch, hand-drummed copper pot stills, Jayne
Street Gin blends wild bergamot, yarrow flower,
eastern red cedar and other flora native to the region
with locally-grown and sourced herbs like raspberry
leaf and lemon balm to achieve a light, balanced,
juniper-forward spirit with citrus and floral undertones.


distilled from: Hudson Valley Wheat

Jayne Street Amaro showcases the flavors of New
York’s Hudson Valley. Made exclusively with herbs
and botanicals found in the region, infused with
local honey, and aged in American oak, the result is
a golden-brown spirit with a complex profile: bright
and floral up front, with a palate-coating herbal
sweetness and lingering earthy-bitter notes.

more spirits to come in future

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